It’s Time to Get Rid of the Prize Table

September 7, 2023

It’s Time to Get Rid of the Prize Table The first time I read about having a prize table instead of giving away prizes at games, it seemed like a great idea. The prizes the kids had been getting at the games were less than impressive – cheap bits of plastic and stickers that had […]

How to Increase Event Profit without Increasing Spending

September 7, 2023

How to Increase Your Event Profit without Increasing Spending There are three simple ways to increase your income for an event without spending anything. Form partnerships with local businesses and ask them to sponsor your event. Many carnival organizers don’t want to do this; they say they feel uncomfortable asking for money. But you aren’t […]

School Carnival Planning for Rookies

September 7, 2023

School Carnival Planning for Rookies: Last Minute Tips If this is your first time organizing a school carnival, you probably think you’ve anticipated everything that could possibly go wrong. We hope so! But just in case, here are some things to watch out for, and some helpful hints to implement before event day. Keep it […]

How to Organize a School Carnival

September 5, 2023

A guide for first-time school carnival organizers. Everything you need to know, including games, prizes, budget, rentals, food, and more.

How to Make a Face-in-Hole Board

August 13, 2023

Step by step instructions for how to make a face in hole board. Includes photos and instructions for getting the proper size and shape for the face holes.

School Carnivals 101 – How Many Prizes Should I Buy?

May 27, 2019

How does one calculate how many prizes will be won? And how can you make sure you have enough prizes, without buying too many or running out? Here’s how!