5×5 Fabric Carnival Booth


Add a complete carnival booth to your game rental.  Booth rental includes:  5×5 popup tent with back wall and leg drapes, any table and tablecover required for game, any decor or decorative accessories that go with the game, and a game sign for the top front of the tent.

Fabric booths are not suitable for wet weather, and require a longer breakdown time than our hard-paneled booths.  Otherwise, the two types of booth are the same size and each type fits one game inside.  Longer games extend about 1 foot past the end of the tent.

Price does not include:  game

All booths must be secured to the ground when used outside.  If you plan to place the booths on a hard surface, or if you have an underground sprinkler system or other reason why stakes cannot be used, please let us know by using the comments box on the checkout page.

Fabric booths come in:  Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Black/Red