Coca Cola Ring Toss Game

A traditional coca cola ring toss carnival game to rent for your community event, school carnival, church carnival, birthday party, or themed corporate event.


This handmade carnival game comes with two painted soda crates and 48 glass coke bottles.  It gives a traditional carnival vibe and if you rent a carnival booth for it, it normally comes with a vintage-look sign and tablecover.  This game is great if you want to keep your carnival vintage and traditional.  Other suggested games for a vintage carnival feel are:  Large Rustic Ring Toss, Fish Bowl Game, Large Fish Bowl Game, Milk Can Toss, Chicken Launcher Game, Stand-a-Bottle, Highstriker, Kiddie Highstriker, Can Toss Game, Ball in Bucket Game. 

Size:  1’x3″ (sits on a 4′ table)

Space Required: 4’x4′

Recommended Age Range:  4-adult

Challenge Level:  Medium

Set-up Time:  Medium


  • Player tosses 3 rings; one ring on a bottle wins.
  • Game requires supervision due to unsecured glass bottles.


  • Can be placed in a carnival booth (additional charges apply)
  • Minimum 4-foot table required

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