Dunk the Duck



This is a handmade, wooden carnival game.  Players throw beanbags to knock down the ducks.

Size:  L36″xH24″xD15″ (tabletop) OR L36″xH60″xD15″ (with legs)

Space Required:  Approximately 10’x5′

Recommended Age Range:  3-10

Challenge Level:  Easy


  • Players stand 10 feet in front of game and toss successive beanbags at ducks.  Player wins when they knock down a duck (but only ONE duck at a time).
  • Game must be closely supervised by an adult if used by young children due to tipping hazard and delicate structure.


  • Can be placed in a carnival booth (additional charges for booth apply).
  • For uneven surfaces, game must be placed on a table.
  • No table required if used with legs.