Flap Attack



Players roll balls to see who can roll a higher score.  2 players or 1.  Several different ways to play.  This is a great game for adults and teens.

Size:  72″Lx24″W

Space Required:  3’x8′

Recommended Age Range:  6-adult

Challenge Level:  Medium

Set-up Time:  Fast


  • Players each roll the ball.  Whoever rolls a higher score (based on the number written on the flap) wins.  However, if a player rolls the ball too hard, the ball will roll all the way around and return.
  • Alternate single player:  Player rolls both balls and tries to achieve either a specific score (more challenging) or a score above a certain number (easier).
  • Game requires adult supervision at all times due to heavy weight of balls.


  • Can be placed in a carnival booth (additional charges apply)
  • Minimum 6-foot table required.
  • Game must be placed on flat surface for safety reasons.