4-Booth/8-Game Fun Fair



This is our most popular game package.  With a total of 8 games, this is the perfect sized package for the classical school carnival with a population of 500-800 students.  With 4 games in carnival booths, you’ll have plenty of carnival atmosphere, but you can always add the Maypole for a little extra!  Carnival prizes are not included, but our Prizes on Consignment Service is available for a minimum purchase of $50.

Package Includes:

  • 4 Carnival Booths with games*
  • 4 games (not in carnival booths) from:  Connect 4, Tumblex, Cornhole, Baseball Toss, Giant Jacks, Slingshot, Soccer Kick, Ladder Toss, Stand-a-bottle, Alien Pinball, Balloon Blast
  • A 5th carnival booth with game may be substituted for the 4 non-booth games above
  • Complete set-up and breakdown
  • Standard delivery* within 1 hour of our location in Fairfax

Client provides:

  • 8 game volunteers (volunteers are not needed for Connect 4 or Tumblex)


*Restrictions:  Maximum 1 from: Frog Flinger, Pig Race, Pirate Hook, Ball in Bucket, Hoopla, Balloon Pop (wooden, standing), Cowabunga.  Highstrikers not included. 

*Standard delivery: vehicle access within 20 feet of set-up area; no stairs, hills, loading dock, elevator or other obstacles. Most public schools have standard delivery.

NEW! Add INFLATABLES to your carnival package!

  • 70-foot obstacle course: $795
  • 40-foot obstacle course:  $450
  • Large combo bouncer (22’x20′):  $500
  • Extra Large Funhouse (20’x16′): $350