Large Fish Bowl Game



This is an extra large version of the fish bowl game, with twice the amount of bowls as our regular game.  The bowls are in the photograph are set on two 4′ x2′ tables (our regular fish bowl carnival game is only one table of bowls).

Players try to throw ping-pong balls into plastic fish bowls.  This is a great game for custom colors and theming at your carnival party or event!  Possible bowl colors are pink, green, teal, blue, white, red, orange, green, purple.  Clear bowls with water and faux goldfish are also possible – no real fish.  If you don’t specify your preference for colors, we will bring traditional carnival colors such as red, white, yellow, and blue.

This game is a favorite of younger children, especially those in the 4-7 age range.

Recommended Age Range:  3-10

Challenge Level:  Game of luck


  • Players toss 3-4 balls; one in wins.
  • Game requires low supervision.  Bowls contain small rocks which can be a choking hazard for children under 3, but are otherwise deemed safe.


  • Can be placed in a carnival booth (additional charges apply)
  • 2×4′-table recommended, but can also fit on a large square table, 6-8foot table, etc.