Large Rustic Ring Toss



This is a jumbo, rustic version of our usual ring toss game.  Using vintage coke bottles and soda crates, the game sits on 2 4’x2′ tables.  This traditional carnival game is great for a themed event and evokes the days of county fairs.  It can be placed in either a paneled carnival booth or a fabric booth.  Other suggested games for a vintage carnival feel are:  Large Rustic Ring Toss, Fish Bowl Game, Large Fish Bowl Game, Milk Can Toss, Chicken Launcher Game, Stand-a-Bottle, Highstriker, Kiddie Highstriker, Can Toss Game, Ball in Bucket Game. 

Size:  4’x4′

Recommended Age Range:  5-adult


  • Players try to ring the bottles with plastic carnival rings
  • Any number of bottles wins

For another version of our rustic ring toss, visit our sister site, Rustic Garden Rentals.