Panel Carnival Booth


This traditional carnival booth stall is the perfect rental for fairs, festivals, carnivals, and themed corporate events!


Our newest props are hard-sided carnival booths with a traditional fair look.  They look best when set on fairly flat ground, and they must be attended by staff or volunteers.  These are great for adding traditional fair atmosphere to your event!  Perfect for more upscale corporate themed events.

These cute carnival booths, or game stalls, are based on European market stalls and come 5 fun colors. They can be used to go with our own carnival games, or you can display games of your own, party supplies, giveaways, gift bags, party favors, or other items of your own inside them.  Rent these today and take your party, community event, fair, festival, or carnival to the next level!

Size:  5’x5′

Colors available:  Light blue, red, yellow, green, black/white

Additional information

Dimensions5 × 5 in