Prizes on Consignment



One of our most popular services is our Prizes on Consignment.  This means that you pay only for the prizes you use.  No more running out or ending up with too much left over!

How it works:

We bring bags of prizes to your event.  We calculate how many we think you will need based on our formula.

After the event, we take back any un-opened bags, and bill you only for what you used.

At the time of signing, you pay a $50 deposit for prizes, which is deducted from the final invoice.

Prizes costs can change with the market, so please contact us for current pricing.  As of May 2023, the per prize price is 27 cents (for rental clients).

Kidsmart selects only quality prizes (“quality” being relative).  The average retail price of our prizes is 30 cents, but individual retail prices range from 15 cents to one dollar, although Kidsmart buys in bulk and is able to offer these prizes at the Kidsmart discounted price.  We do NOT use filler, such as stickers, tattoos, or other low-quality prizes.  All of our prizes are in the target price range and come in bags of one type of prize, versus large assortments that can be purchased online, but which contain significant amounts of filler.

Typical prizes we carry include:

  • sticky  hands
  • pill puzzles
  • bouncy balls
  • character keychains
  • foam rockets
  • mini recorders
  • pencil toppers
  • finger puppets
  • mini flying discs

See the gallery of images for some of our current prize inventory.